quinta-feira, 30 de agosto de 2007

"On Violence"

That´s the title of the book we read during the week for the Foundation Course at the University for Peace (Upeace), in Costa Rica. It is a classics written by the German philosopher Hannah Arendt (1906-1975). I have always heard of this book, but finally had the chance to read a part of it. Now I understand why it became a classic: Arendt´s words are important tools to understant society, relations between people, but, specially, how state can opress people with its old and violent structure:
"Today we ought to add the latest and perhaps most formidable form of such dominion: bureaucracy or the rule of an intricate system of bureaus in which no men, neither one nor the best, neither the few nor the many, can be held responsible, and which could be properly called rule by Nobody. (If, in accord with traditional political thought, we identify tyranny as government that is not held to give account of itself, rule by Nobody is clearly the most tyrannical of all, since there is no one left who could even be asked to answer for what is being done. It is this state of affairs, making it impossible to localize responsibility and to identify the enemy, that is among the most potent causes of the current worldwide rebellious unrest, its chaotic nature, and its dangerous tendency to get out of control and to run amuck.)"

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